Test Engineer

Test Engineer

Contribute to developing the future?

The AI revolution in customer service has begun, and Boost AI is at the forefront with the James® platform.

Boost AI has created “James”®, the world’s most robust virtual assistant.

James® responds to customer inquiries quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. He currently speaks and understands six languages, and is always ready to learn more. James® is always online and interprets spelling mistakes, slang, and dialects. James® can even react to human emotions!
Boost AI has rapidly taken the Scandinavian market by storm, and we are expanding to more countries and even more industries.

That means we now need a Testing Engineer.

Job Description

  • Fully test our solution to ensure it functions properly.
  • Test all aspects of our solution.
  • Identify, capture, and develop test cases.
  • Provide feedback.


  • Technical knowledge and experience.
  • Preferred, but not required, experience with Linux, shell scripting and SQL.
  • Analytical skills, attention to details, and ability to stick to deadlines.
  • Willing to learn and development new skills.
  • Experience can compensate for formal education.

We can offer

  • A work environment with people who share a common mindset; to deliver the best virtual assistants in the world.
  • Young, dynamic and extremely motivated colleagues in all departments.
  • Room and encouragement to be independent and innovative.
  • Opportunities for a steep career path.

Please note:
It is a requirement to be able to work in on-premise in Stavanger, Norway. We do not hire anyone for remote positions.

Or send an application to job@boost.ai

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