We can build any virtual agent

Enhance or create

We have a long list of customers, covering a diverse range of industries, who regularly place orders for the expansion of modules to enhance their existing virtual agent. When we reach an agreement with new customers, however, they often commission entirely new modules as a foundation for their virtual agents. We are more than happy to accommodate them.

A mutually beneficial arrangement
Some of our most challenging and rewarding modules have been built through unique customer input and ideas. We view this process as an opportunity to expand our ever-increasing portfolio with projects from experts of their industry. This benefits both our existing and future customers, and we at Boost AI have gained invaluable experience through these cases, allowing us to develop even more specialized and unique modules.

An association of experience
We would not be where we are today without the input and collaboration we have with our customers, partners and clients. Their extensive experience and expertise in their fields and industries are an essential part of our united and continuing success. Together, we build the perfect virtual agent for every organization, without any limitations.

For now, humans have to supply the creativity. Virtual agents - built on both old and trusted and new and exciting modules - will handle the rest.

”Our system with over 400 intents was built in just two weeks. The high quality of the system itself also impressed us. Our custom virtual agent is user-friendly for our employees and his ability to correctly predict the intents is outstanding.”

Sigurd Eriksson
CIO at The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

A selection of tailored modules we have built for our customers:


Calendar & planning module:

This project revolves around an external calendar and planner app for the family which is organized by a virtual agent custom-built on the James® platform. The current plan is to talk to the virtual agent through Facebook’s Messenger, which should make it widely available and easy to use.

E-commerce module:

We anticipate a rapid increase in the use of virtual assistants in e-commerce within a short time span and have, naturally, been developing a relevant module. The module is heavily customizable and usable by any sector of the commerce industry.

Invoice module:

A specialist in nuances, the virtual agents built on the invoice module can answer any question regarding invoices. Quick insights into specific invoices should definitely make more amicable customers. A number of different industries have already started using this one.

Booking module:

The initial use of the booking module is for cabins, but the module itself can - like all our modules - be used for anything. Simply exchange cabins for whatever should be bookable and hook it up to an applicable database, and the virtual agent is good to go. Definitely something travel agents should look into.


The James® platform can handle an infinite amount of modules and languages simultaneously.

We understand that no-one wants to limit themselves, and your virtual agent should be no different. Virtual agents built on our platform can be based on one or several of our modules, and our customers are free to create their own perfect combination.

We constantly build new and expand existing modules to suit our customers’ needs and integrate them into the already existing agents, expanding their abilities seamlessly.

If you still can’t find the module that is perfect for your organization, chances are that it is under construction. Quality is of the utmost importance to us - we don’t release new modules before they are fully operational. Contact us for more information.

All our models are equipped with:

  • An extensive pre-trained language understanding: We have English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Finnish and Brazilian AI trainers improving the modules in their own language.
  • A tried and true platform to build your virtual agent on: We are continuously developing the modules for all our clients and have been doing so for longer than any other AI customer service company. We know what works and what does not.
  • The world’s most robust natural language processing (NLP) algorithms: They enable any virtual agents built on the James® platform to truly understand what the customers are asking for, not just reply to keywords, which is severely restricting.
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