An eye for details

Our module for the insurance business was created to benefit both the insurer and the insured. We genuinely believe that virtual agents built on the James® platform make people’s lives easier, and that is certainly the case in the insurance industry - something our customers can attest to.

The specialized agent
Our insurance module is market-leading in checking claims and policies. This makes the process significantly easier for the insured, while reducing both resource cost and required manpower for the insurer. The virtual insurance agents built on our module are so nuanced they can tell the difference between a multitude of terms and conditions.

Effective information
Virtual agents built on the insurance module become specialists in obtaining the right information effectively. In collaboration with you, we will create the perfect virtual insurance agent for your insurance company.

Some of the insurance module’s unique, out of the box features:

  • Automated and accurate reporting of claims: The insured can now easily find out whether claims are covered by their policy through the virtual insurance agent, who knows the necessary details to confidently answer enquiries.
  • A meticulous fact finder: We understand that getting the right information is essential in the insurance industry. Our insurance module is designed to obtain information through conversation.
  • Opportunities for unintrusive marketing: Customize your virtual agent’s responses to suit any situation, giving your customers the opportunity to expand their existing policies.



The James® platform can handle an infinite amount of modules and languages simultaneously.

We understand that no-one wants to limit themselves, and your virtual agent should be no different. Virtual agents built on our platform can be based on one or several of our modules, and our customers are free to create their own perfect combination.

We constantly build new and expand existing modules to suit our customers’ needs and integrate them into the already existing agents, expanding their abilities seamlessly.

If you still can’t find the module that is perfect for your organization, chances are that it is under construction. Quality is of the utmost importance to us - we don’t release new modules before they are fully operational. Contact us for more information.

All our models are equipped with:

  • An extensive pre-trained language understanding: We have English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Finnish and Brazilian AI trainers improving the modules in their own language.
  • A tried and true platform to build your virtual agent on: We are continuously developing the modules for all our clients and have been doing so for longer than any other AI customer service company. We know what works and what does not.
  • The world’s most robust natural language processing (NLP) algorithms: They enable any virtual agents built on the James® platform to truly understand what the customers are asking for, not just reply to keywords, which is severely restricting.

Virtual agents, working in insurance, built on the James® platform:

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