JAMES® 1.5, a research project that has made James® even smarter

Can a robot understand human emotions?

Boost AI releases “James® 1.5” that comes with new upgrades which has made James® smarter and more intuitive.
E.g. if James® finds the customer annoyed or angry, he will gently delegate the conversation to a human being.
Eventually, James® will also be able to understand and handle concrete feelings which he will use for further assistance to the customer:
Should he recommend a new product or may it be smart to abstain? James® got the answer.

Sentiment analysis is just one of the new features in version 6.
The James® 1.5 research project opens a world of possibilities that will change how we communicate.
With the use and development of Natural Language Processing (NLP), James® has become a smarter and more human-like virtual assistant.
James® can split and understand long words, as well as misspellings.
You can even ask James® if he believes in God, who Donald Trump is or other trivia, and James® will have an answer.
James® has simply gotten smarter, more intuitive and more «human».

New, cool features

Besides sentiment analysis and NLP, James® also comes with a lot of other new, cool features.
E.G customers can now give thumbs up or thumbs down on a response, which will teach us how customers reacts to a response.
Another new feature is an upgrade in the human chat. James® makes a seamless transition to humans in those cases where James® can´t answer or where the customer wants to talk to a human being.
This is important for the user experience. You want those customers to come back, right? We also provide a new search function for trending words.
This is a part of the future for how marketers will leverage AI to better understand, connect with, and create superior experiences for consumers.

As a service, Boost AI has also made James® even more user-friendly than before, with direct access to learning material such as videos and user manuals that explains concepts and functionalities.
We have also improved the API module, making it easy for you to add support for all APIs you may want.
Standard APIs - such as weather, stock prices and so on - will be delivered as a standard to all our customers.

Interested in a demo to see James® in action as your employee? Click "start now"below!

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