Modernizing municipalities: A collaboration between Boost AI and Prokom to create the personal government assistant.

Boost AI and Prokom has been working on making James® compatible with enquiries by citizens municipalities, creating a one stop shop for information, application and registration.

The result: Kari, a virtual assistant capable of instantly and simultaneously handling the thousands of questions municipalities face from citizens.

For the citizen, it will feel like their very own personal assistant - creating an instant connection with the public service sector they’ve never experienced before. Never mind dialects or local slang, Kari understands it all and can easily be taught to respond in the same way if you want her to.

A new dawn of information and connection

The days of hopelessly trawling websites to retrieve information is over. Kari knows which trash bin should be ready for pickup tomorrow. Calling or emailing the customer service centre is a thing of the past - Kari will find that application form in 1 second. Looking for something to do in your area? She knows what’s happening this week, even if it’s a small school play at a local community center.

She’s there uniquely for the thousands of people living in the municipality. Look her up on the municipality’s website, Facebook or whatever platform they choose. Her office hours never end, and she doesn’t have vacations. Kari is there to help - all day, every day. She can even learn new languages.

The future of local government

For the municipality employee, Kari takes care of the mundane questions that are easily answered, enabling them to tackle the more challenging enquiries. She is low maintenance and can be easily operated, trained and updated by existing personnel, thanks to our user-friendly UI.

Kari comes equipped with state of the art sentiment analysis, bringing limitless possibilities for insight, benefitting both the municipality and the citizens they are working for. Imagine instantly knowing what your citizens like or don’t like!

Two of Norway’s biggest municipalities have already ensured they are becoming a future proof region. We are ready to help more follow their example.

Interested in a demo to see James® in action as your employee? Click "start now" below!

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