Become a part of the next great technological leap

Partners are an essential part of Boost AI’s growth strategy.

With the ambition to become a global supplier of AI-powered virtual agents, a tight-knit collaboration with our partners is crucial, for both commercial connections and global reach. A key part of our infinitely scalable strategy is having our partners participate in all areas - where applicable - of the sales and integration process.

Thanks to our unique natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, our James® platform is by far the most robust on the market today. We build upon our solid core with unique and varied customer-friendly and pre-trained modules, while at the same time delivering a rapid time to market. Together, these factors make an incredibly distributable product.

Working closely with our partners, we now lead the way in next-gen AI customer service, providing the market-leading and cutting edge software organizations need to become a part of the future of customer relations.

We streamline businesses and generate positive feedback with instantaneous, helpful and accurate customer service, saving resources and invaluable time in the process. In addition, we provide unique analytical tools and assign dedicated project managers to ensure each virtual assistant operates at the highest possible standard.

Feel free to test other solutions against our platform, and you will quickly understand that our bold claims are legitimate. Our product literally speaks for itself.

Our delivery model is among the most efficient in the market today.

The customizable virtual agent delivered on our platform comes pre-trained in several different domains, such as - but not limited to - finance, insurance, telecom, transportation, municipalities and internal support, such as HR. We can deliver a demo the day after the request is placed, ready to showcase how the James® platform would look and perform as an organization’s virtual customer service employee.

When we reach agreement, a well rehearsed process begins. Together with our partners, we implement a custom virtual agent in just 4 weeks, thanks to our pre-trained, off-the-shelf virtual agent platform.

We deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) through cloud hosting. This drastically reduces both cost and implementation time. We do, however, consider hosting on-premise under the right conditions.

Boost AI modernizes companies and organizations that are ready to realize their true potential with the help of the world’s most robust virtual agent platform - James®.

The platform is fully customizable. We currently provide assistance to major businesses and organizations in - but not limited to - banking, finance, insurance, retail, telecommunication, transportation, public administration and internal support, such as HR.

The platform is equipped with the world’s most robust natural language processing (NLP) algorithms - vital for understanding customers’ needs. James® is ready to respond to any enquiry, in any language, at any time of the day.


The James® platform comes pre-trained in several industries. We have created numerous unique modules, specifically designed for various industries.

Pick and choose the modules that best suit your purpose. A demo version of James® can be ready the day after the request is placed.


The James® platform can be trained, maintained and operated by existing personnel, without any technichal education or previous expertise.

Our intuitive and user-friendly GUI is easy to learn, understand and master. We supply the necessary education as a part of the package.


Partners are an essential part of our strategy and we allocate considerable resources to make sure we are complementing each other to the maximum capacity. The process of becoming our partner is simple and yet fulfilling - any questions you have will be answered, in addition to gaining access to the James® platform for testing purposes. We summarize the partnership process in five steps:

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1. Introductory meeting

During the introductory meeting we will present Boost AI, the James® platform, and discuss how our potential future partnership will benefit us both.

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2. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

The signing of an NDA is vital before gaining access to our test environment. We do not want our unique and market-leading software to fall into the wrong hands, and taking privacy and security seriously benefits both us, our partners and our customers.

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3. Gain access to test environment

When the NDA is signed, we grant access to our work environment for a limited period. This gives our potential partners an unprecedented opportunity to truly test the James® platform on their own terms.

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4. Partnership agreement

After a successful testing period of the James® platform, we enter a future of mutually beneficial collaboration. The agreement enables us to completely integrate our partners, making our partnership as efficient and far-reaching as possible.

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5. Certification

We provide a complimentary 2-day certification course on how to operate, maintain and train virtual assistants on the James® platform. We view the certification as an investment in our partners - and in a bright future for both parties.



accenture logo

Accenture has worked with Boost AI since December 2016. They have a proven project approach of how to implement and integrate a virtual agent using Boost AI’s technology. With more than 10 joint implementations across industries - several have received national media coverage - and over 20 certified AI trainers, Accenture is one of Boost AI’s main integrators.

avo logo

AVO Consulting guides customers through the stages of chatbot maturity, from a smart FAQ to a communications platform by utilising RPA, APIs and user authentication. Their agile approach and focus on customer involvement and empowerment, allows for efficient and rapid implementations with proven business value.

bearingpoint logo

BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. They operate in three units: Consulting (advisory), Solutions (digitalization and analytics) and Ventures (start-up). BearingPoint’s clients include many of the world’s leading companies and organizations, and the firm has a global consulting network with more than 10,000 people that supports clients in over 75 countries.

bouvet logo

Bouvet is a Scandinavian consultancy that delivers digital services. They are a true “full-service” solution provider, and their people are accustomed to working cross-disciplined. That makes them capable of taking full advantage of opportunities with AI, as well as providing excellent customer experiences, better decision support and automation of repetitive tasks. Boost AI is an exciting new component in their AI toolbox.

deloitte logo

The alliance combines Deloitte’s leading consulting services and Boost AI’s innovative technology. With Deloitte’s deep sector knowledge and design-thinking concepts, they implement virtual agents to optimize client operations and enable the business to rethink the customer experience.

knowit logo

Knowit brings the virtual assistants of the future to the present by combining Boost AI’s chatbot technology with their expertise in design and communication, management consulting and IT solution development. With over 2000 digital consultants, Knowit explores the potential of a digital workforce together with their customers – from simple Q&A to more sophisticated system and platform integration.

kpmg logo

KPMG Digital is a trusted delivery partner of Boost AI. They take on complex implementation projects across multiple sectors, and use our platform in their implementation of Intelligent Automation and Digital Operations. Their digital focus is on delivering transformation strategy & hands-on implementations that can make a real impact on the external customer experience and the efficiency of internal operations.

NEW logo

NEW is a global full-service innovation agency performing consulting, implementation and managed services. They specialize in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as well as other adjacent and nascent technologies, such as chatbots, AI and NLP. NEW collaborates with the best software vendors in these fields to enable true end-2-end automation with tangible benefits.

prokom logo

Sem & Stenersen Prokom is a company developing software and content for the digitalization of the public sector in Norway. Their goal is to make impenetrable information accessible for residents and employees of Norwegian municipalities. They provide task-oriented portals, self-service solutions and integrations.

Skye logo

Skye Solutions is a Norwegian technology company that specializes in the fields of AI and machine learning. Skye helps our customers by implementing smart systems and automating processes, by team with broad experience in integrating AI technology into existing enterprise systems. They believe that a clear strategy in this field is essential for future success. It was important for them to have the best partners in NLP in the Nordics, so a natural choice for them was to team up with

softronic logo

Softronic’s approach, with a broad and deep industry experience, is passionate. Together with their professional experts and architects, they work with their customers to tailor strategic solutions, with an understanding of what AI is and how it generates added value for the enterprise or organization.

Wize AI logo

Wize ai designs, develops and trains custom virtual assistants and chatbots. Wize ai focuses on supplying to enterprise with offices in Spain and Estonia. Their team implements wise solutions and strategies to assure businesses use the full capacity of AI-powered assistance.

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