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Our team of experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning has built the software from scratch.

We use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and train our models using deep learning. We use cloud hosting and train our models on GPU servers.

Combined with our proprietary misspelling algorithm, understanding of dialects, slang, context and complex sentences makes it possible for us to deliver the most robust language understanding on the market. The solution is by far the most scalable in the market. James can learn a new language in one-two (1-2) months, and can be taught entire new domains within weeks.

We have a customer focused road map and develop new software functionalities with great speed.
We use REST APIs which can call and interact with the client's APIs through a JSON protocol.


The software is developed using an easily understandable interface so that the solution can be managed by existing personnel. We constantly develop new tools to secure that further training of the virtual assistant is efficient and understandable for everyone.

Boost AI has two big mantras in the building of James:
Security and Privacy by design

This makes us capable of meeting new regulations within security and protection. We take pride in these principles by being in advance when it comes to standards and best practices. We are proud to say that we are working towards an ISO 27001 certification.

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