Our team of world class experts in artificial intelligence has developed every part of the James® platform’s unique software. We pride ourselves on being independent and entirely self-reliant, doing all our development in-house. This enables us to work and innovate without any restrictions and makes us capable of delivering the best virtual assistants for enterprise in the world.

Unrivalled robustness
We have created market-leading natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. They make the James® platform’s virtual assistants the most robust in the world. Thanks to the NLP algorithms, our virtual agents can comprehend and react to what users are saying - not only respond to certain keywords like common chatbots.

We have a customer-focused road map and develop many new software functionalities quickly and continuously. The technology behind virtual assistants is ready to deliver profitable results, but it is far from exhausted. We deliver marketready virtual assistants today, but will always keep looking for ways to make them better tomorrow.

Unlimited scalability
In combination with our proprietary misspelling algorithm, the understanding of dialects, slang, context and complex sentences makes it possible for us to deliver the most robust language understanding on the market. It is also - by far - the most scalable. There is no ceiling on the amount of intents, action replies or languages that can be added to virtual assistants built on the James® platform. Any new languages can be applied in 1-2 months.

Security & compliance
We do not take any shortcuts when it comes to security and privacy and will always be compliant with any new standards, laws or practices.

Cloud hosting
We train our models using deep learning on GPU servers. The majority of virtual agents built on our platform are hosted in clouds. We will, however, consider on-site hosting under the right circumstances.

Complete collaboration
The James® platform can be taught entire new domains within a few weeks. This process is done in collaboration with our clients to ensure that the virtual agent represents the company or organization optimally, with their unique responses. We have built the house for the virtual assistant - our clients just have to furnish it the way they like it.

API compatible
We use REST APIs that can call and interact with the client’s APIs through a JSON protocol. They enable the virtual agents built on our platform to gather dynamic data directly from the source, instantly locating often hard-to-get information for users and customers.

”It might sound arrogant to claim that we have ”the world’s most robust virtual assistants”, but I am confident in our solution and challenge anyone to find better natural language processing in virtual assistants. Do some tests, and I guarantee that you’ll agree.”

Lars Ropeid Selsås

CEO and founder of Boost AI


A virtual assistant consists of more than just artificial intelligence. To make truly great virtual assistant - able to actually help its users - several components are needed. At Boost AI, we provide the parts that make our virtual assistants great - our clients only have to supply the knowledge and experience that has made them the leaders of their industries.

More than AI Gif

AI does not (yet) represent the sentient, self-learning machines from science fiction. Just like its human colleagues, the successful AI-powered digital employee has requirements that must be met:

Extensive knowledge and experience of the specific domain:
The specific domain knowledge and experience every client possesses is unique and it is vital that they supply it to their virtual assistant. Users will often see through a mediocre attempt to recreate such information without the client’s specific knowledge. When quality knowledge is applied to a virtual assistant, it also ensures total uniformity in the answers it provides - a feat not easily replicated by their human counterparts. Industry experience is usually exclusive to the client the virtual assistant will represent.

A deep understanding of the specific organization:
Every client we have is unique. For the virtual assistant to authentically represent their brand, it requires an understanding of what its core values and goals are. Additionally, but no less important, is the need for it to reflect the signature touches of the brand. The unique experience of the client is vital to make the virtual assistant provide the assistance that only that specific client can provide.

Advanced abilities in customer care:
The virtual assistant’s customer care abilities will mirror the service its human colleagues provide when applied correctly. When digital and human service becomes more indiscernible, customer satisfaction increases.

Maintenance and upgrades:
A static virtual assistant quickly loses the users’ interest. Replies need to be updated and new intents must be created to deal with changes to a client or the products or services it provides. It also needs the necessary upgrades to deal with the users’ needs - needs and requirements that are sure to increase over time.

When a company chooses Boost AI as their virtual assistant provider, they can rest assured that all these requirements will be met. Boost AI - or a certified partner - builds the virtual assistant in collaboration with the client to ensure that it is the optimal representative of their organization.

  • Dashboard adminpanel

The software has an easily understandable user interface and can be operated by your existing personnel. We constantly develop new tools to secure that further training of the virtual assistant is efficient and understandable for everyone.


Boost AI takes security and privacy seriously. We want our clients and partners to rest assured that we will always be on the front foot and do our part when it comes to ensuring the privacy of our users and the security of everyone with a virtual assistant built on the James® platform.


Priority: Security & privacy
Security has been at the forefront since we started developing the James® platform. We understand that any actions of a virtual agent represents our company, our clients and our partners, and that they must not - under any circumstances - be compromised. The same applies for any data we collect and temporarily store on behalf of our clients.


Strength through unity
To maintain our outstanding security record, we have several internal and external security checks. We arrange security awareness programs several times a year to educate our staff on risks and best practices. These programs are concluded with an annual exam that every employee has to pass. This makes us capable of meeting any new security regulations - while at the same time keeping our clients and partners safe from harm or prying eyes.

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Security & privacy standards
We take pride in these principles by being proactive when it comes to standards and best practices. We are currently working towards ISO 27001 compliance and are preparing for the GDPR coming in May 2018. We will always be compliant with every security and privacy requirement set by the authorities or the industry.

We have high focus on security in Boost AI and are currently working to be compliant with ISO 27001. Compliance is currently projected for Q2 of 2018. We hold a quarterly Security Awareness Program to improve human control and maintain security awareness within the organization.

We perform risk assessments of all operational risks in addition to the software in the James® virtual assistant platform. Unacceptable risks will be treated in a risk treatment table and a risk treatment plan is subsequently set up.

A report of all risk assessments performed internally in Boost AI will be documented and all incidents will be reported in Boost AI’s system and stored in an incident log. Incidents that require a root cause analysis will be documented and sent to the client in question. We are constantly working to improve our ISMS.

We prioritize keeping client data confidential. We always recommend that our clients start by setting up the virtual assistants to encourage users to not state any personal information.

A conversation between the virtual assistant and the user may not be linked to the user when it is saved. This changes, however, when the user has been authorized. For a logged-in user it can be linked, but this requires 2-factor authentication.

The GDPR will become enforceable on May 25, 2018, and will set a high bar for global privacy rights and compliance. We are actively preparing our business and compliance processes for the GDPR to take effect.

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