From Silicon Valley to Stavanger: A creation of market-leading software

In 2013, after studying computer science at the university of Stavanger, Lars Ropeid Selsås moved to Silicon Valley - the global innovation capital - and began working with some of the world’s leading companies in artificial intelligence, deep learning and natural language processing.

He returned in 2016, with the unique knowledge to create market-leading solutions. Teaming up with his brother, Hadle, and Henry Vaage Iversen they decided to create a demo for SR-Bank. Making sure that their solution was at least as good as the ones currently in the market, they soon discovered that James was going to surpass them all.

With the first customer on board, Boost AI quickly gained a reputation for having the best virtual assistant. One year later, Boost AI provides solutions to Scandinavian banking, finance, retail, transportation, government and insurance - solutions that makes headlines while Boost AI grows at a record rate.

Now the company employs 40 ambitious individuals with the same goal: To deliver virtual assistants to all industries, enhancing all departments.

Lars Selsås, Hadle Selsås og Henry Vaage Iversen Hadle, Lars and Henry. The three founders of Boost AI.

"Our system with over 400 intents was built in just two weeks. The high quality of the system itself also impressed us. Our custom virtual agent is user-friendly for our employees and his ability to correctly predict the intents is outstanding."

Sigurd Eriksson

CIO at The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund


Our team consists of extremely dedicated and talented IT entrepreneurs with solid experience from Silicon Valley. We are the market-leading experts on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, deep learning and natural language processing.


Lars Selsås

Chief Executive Officer

Lars spent 3 years in Silicon Valley perfecting his machine learning skills before starting Boost AI in his hometown. His brainchild, James, is now the world’s most robust virtual agent.


Henry Vaage Iversen

Chief Product Officer

Henry has developed business ideas into real products, landed several deals for startups and expanded businesses from Norway to Scandinavia. His next target: The world.


Abhishek Thakur

Chief Data Scientist

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Bonn University in 2014, Abhishek has been working with automatic machine learning. He is a former rank 3 in Kaggle competitions.


Olav Gjerde

Chief Technical Officer

Olav is a full-stack developer with strong expertise of distributed computing, big data, performance monitoring, compression techniques, and information retrieval.


Hadle Selsås

Chief Cloud Officer

Hadle has two bachelor degrees, one in psychology and one in petroleum engineering. He is an expert in machine learning and statistical modelling.


Camilla Gjetvik

Chief Contracting Officer

With an extensive background from law and Business Management, Camilla has several years of experience in compliance, contract and negotiations.


Håvard Dahl-Olsen

Lead Project Manager

Through a Master’s degree in Economics and vast experience in game theory optimisation, Håvard combines business knowledge with statistical and logical expertise.


Gilberto Titericz Jr.


Gilberto is a world no.1 ranked machine learning expert in Kaggle competitions. He has been listed as a top 24 Ultimate Data Scientists to follow in the world by Analytics Vidhya.

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