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  • Aspire Insurance heightens focus on customer experience, partners with boost.ai to implement virtual agent

Aspire Insurance heightens focus on customer experience, partners with boost.ai to implement virtual agent

Over the last year, boost.ai and Aspire have been able to validate dramatic improvements in the support experience for customers and employees

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 13, 2022 -- Boost.ai, a leading provider of conversational artificial intelligence (CAI) at scale, today launched a new case study detailing the results of their chatbot's efforts since deployment with Aspire, a general insurance firm with over 89,000 customers. As expectations for quality customer service continued to rise across all verticals, Aspire recognized that their chat system, at the time entirely supported by service agents, was in need of further support. After partnering with boost.ai, and implementing their conversational AI virtual agent, the insurance organization was able to improve the support flow for customers, brokers, and their employees.

At a time when 2 out of 3 customers say they are ready to declare and handle claims completely online, many insurance organizations have lagged behind on providing a digital experience fit for 2022. Similarly, brokers are looking for the most efficient ways to interact with insurance companies and digital tools are quickly becoming the norm. With the advancements boost.ai has made with its conversational AI, the company's virtual agents are able to handle the increased workload a digital-first experience has brought to Aspire. As more data becomes available, boost.ai and Aspire will work together to refine the virtual agent's capabilities to ensure a seamless experience for customers and brokers.

"Insurance is an extremely high-touch industry where customers are constantly reaching out to make sure claims are being supported and information is being relayed. There is a huge need for 24/7 customer assistance, and for Aspire, our virtual agents are able to be that first line of support to make sure customers are heard," said Bill Schwaab, VP of North America at boost.ai. "As the world continues to trend towards being digital-first, and customer inquiries coming from the website or app skyrocket, we're going to see more companies adopt the CAI approach. We're working around the clock to ensure our technology is easily adaptable and effective, to set our customers up for long-term success."

Aspire consistently employs the latest technologies to support reliable service in their customer service departments, which made integrating conversational AI an optimal solution. Whether responding directly to queries from personal accounts or getting lienholders and brokers the right information, their service center fields an array of requests. Boost.ai's vast library of industry-specific intents allows for the virtual agent to facilitate immediate responses with accuracy, while its no-code conversation builder helps Aspire to easily fine-tune and deploy service flows in response to customer feedback.

"In an industry as competitive as insurance is, customer experience can play a critical role in not only keeping your current customers happy but also in attracting new ones. Working with boost.ai has improved our ability to handle an increase in customer inquiries, which in turn has helped us scale," said Chandah M. Burton, Chief Underwriting Officer at Aspire. "We know that when it comes to getting help on a policy, claim, or any issue relating to their insurance, customers want it to be quicker and easier. Our virtual agents help customers get answers right away, and when needed, can quickly hand them off to our experienced service teams to complete the rest of their requests."

Since the implementation of boost.ai's conversational chatbot in November of 2021, Aspire has seen the following improvements to its customer service funnel:

- Overall, 80% of incoming support inquiries have now been automated using the virtual agent
- Chat capacity was increased from 1,200 to 2,600 chats per month within 1 month of launch
- Customer inquiries are seeing a resolution rate of 81%

To view the full case study please visit: https://www.boost.ai/case-studies/enhancing-customer-experience-across-insurance-service-streams

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