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  • Boost.ai’s self-learning virtual agents now available on the UiPath Marketplace

Boost.ai’s self-learning virtual agents now available on the UiPath Marketplace

Enterprises can now streamline Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments with advanced virtual agents powered by conversational AI

STAVANGER, Norway –September 6, 2021

Boost.ai, a leading provider of conversational AI for Fortune 1000 companies, announced that its market-leading conversational AI solution is now officially available on the UiPath Marketplace, an online library of pre-built RPA content designed to optimize and scale automation.

Developed by Boost.ai in collaboration with UiPath, the integration allows joint customers to build and deploy AI-powered self-learning virtual agents leveraging Boost.ai’s proprietary technology to enhance RPA for seamless, end-to-end automation.

Boost.ai’s virtual agents provide a dynamic and engaging interface for users to interact with UiPath’s software robots. Enterprises can utilize Boost.ai’s conversational AI platform to collect relevant information and documents from users, and trigger robots to streamline any process — either as an attended or unattended automation.

“We’re excited to bring the transformative capabilities of conversational AI to UiPath customers. Combining our virtual agents with software robots makes for an incredibly powerful set of tools that businesses can use to create engaging customer experiences with automation working on both the front and back end.”

- Rune Frøysland, Strategic Technology Partner Manager, boost.ai

Using advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU), virtual agents built on the Boost.ai platform can predict end-user questions with 90% accuracy and above. This data is collected and sent to the appropriate queue within UiPath via a built-in API Connector for the desired automation to be run within UiPath. Confirmation, as well as optional response data, is then relayed back to the end-user via the virtual agent.

“Conversational AI can transform customer experiences while optimizing costs for organizations of all sizes. By integrating virtual agents with UiPath software robots, Boost.ai makes it easy for companies to provide personalized, zero-touch engagements in real time and elevate the quality of their customer service. We are excited to see this powerful technology in the UiPath Marketplace.”

- David Pearson, Technology Alliance Director, UiPath

The Boost.ai conversational AI platform is trusted and used by leading organizations throughout Europe and North America, including Nordea, Santander and Ageas, to automate thousands of customer service and internal support interactions every day.

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