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  • boost.ai expands conversational AI platform functionality with Zendesk integration

boost.ai expands conversational AI platform functionality with Zendesk integration

Zendesk customers can take advantage of boost.ai’s market-leading self-learning AI to develop and deploy artificially intelligent virtual agents in less than 10 days

STAVANGER—November 25, 2020

Boost.ai, a global leader in artificial intelligence for Fortune 1000 companies, today announced the ability to integrate its user-friendly conversational AI platform into Zendesk, Inc.’s flexible and powerful customer engagement software.

Available now on the Sunshine Conversations marketplace, the new integration gives Zendesk’s 160,000+ customers access to boost.ai’s proprietary self-learning conversational AI, including its Automator™ functionality which can repurpose data from websites, chatlogs and chatbots to build and deploy advanced virtual agents in under 10 days.

The integration means Zendesk customers can quickly build AI-powered virtual agents using boost.ai’s self-learning technology and launch them on Zendesk’s front-end, using the power of automation to enhance existing live human support.

“Bringing our cutting-edge automation technology to Zendesk customers means that we can help thousands of organizations take customer experience to the next level,” said Lars Selsås, CEO and founder at boost.ai. “Self-learning AI from boost.ai makes it possible to not only enhance existing live support channels with chat-led automation but to build and deploy fully-featured virtual agents more quickly than ever before.”

Virtual agents powered by boost.ai use proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to automate questions and actions on over 10,000 topics out-of-the-box while successfully maintaining resolution rates of 90%.

Boost.ai’s conversational AI platform is a user-friendly, no-code solution that requires no prior technical expertise to learn and manage and is currently used by over 200 organizations across banking, insurance, retail and the public sector in Europe and North America.

For more information, visit the Sunshine Conversations marketplace.

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