Boost.ai’s platform now available to Dixa's users

STAVANGER, Norway – May 18, 2022

Boost.ai, a global leader in conversational AI at scale for Fortune 1000 companies, today announced its availability on the Dixa marketplace, a leading conversational customer engagement platform.

Dixa users will now be able to integrate virtual agents developed on boost.ai’s market-leading conversational AI platform with Dixa’s channel-neutral solution as a front-end interface for customer interactions.

“We’re excited to announce our new partnership with boost.ai,” said Maurits Pieper, Head of Partnerships at Dixa.

“Boost.ai truly delivers on the promise of user-friendly customer service automation, enabling enterprises to serve their customers quickly and easily, 24/7. By leveraging their self-learning conversational AI within Dixa, our customers gain a powerful tool to help them create positive customer experiences across every channel in a seamless and scalable way.”

Boost.ai’s advanced virtual agents provide a dynamic and engaging channel for consumers to connect with brands, powered by proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that can scale to meet the requirements of enterprises of all sizes and maintains consistent resolution rates above 90%.

Through the power of automation, the boost.ai platform enables companies to empower customer self-service and extend support hours to 24/7, 365 without scaling up staff.

“We are thrilled to bring our conversational AI to the Dixa platform,” said Clay Cardozo, Head of Integrations, boost.ai. “Their customer friendship approach closely mirrors our values in putting customer experience first, and we believe that our virtual agents are the perfect interface for enabling Dixa’s users to scale their customer service with AI-powered automation.”

The synergy between these two front-running customer service solutions rests in the seamless handoff between boost.ai’s virtual agents to the human agents using Dixa’s Customer Friendship platform. A virtual agent can automate the majority of common, repetitive inquiries, helping to reduce wait times and deflection rates, while engaging boost.ai’s highly sophisticated proprietary Automatic Semantic Understanding (ASU) technology to intelligently identify when to transfer a customer to a human agent for further assistance.

The Dixa integration enables human agents to easily retrieve conversation data from the virtual agent and utilize the platform’s agile and open-tech architecture to continue the conversation and deliver an exceptional, unbroken customer experience.

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