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Enhancing customer experience across insurance service streams

Last updated 22 February 2024

Aspire used conversational artificial intelligence to ease wait times, and quickly resolve queries across stakeholder groups.

Aspire General Insurance Services is a California-based private passenger auto liability and physical damage carrier. Through their services, Aspire manages all facets of the insurance process from the point of sale issuance with independent brokers, customer service, billing, and claim handling.

Aspire's results at a glance...

  • Chat capacity increased from 1,200 per month to 2,600 on VA launch
  • An overall resolution rate of 81%
  • 80% automation of incoming support inquiries

Aspire consistently employs the latest technologies to support reliable customer service both in their claims and customer service departments. Whether they’re responding directly to queries concerning personal accounts or getting lienholders and brokers the right information, their call center seeks to provide the best possible experience for the array of requests they field. Jockeying between customer interaction and conversations with other professionals across the insurance cycle requires expert knowledge, but reliance on human agents made optimal customer service more cumbersome.

Expanding capabilities and coverage with conversational AI

Prior to deploying virtual agents, Aspire’s customer service team, including chat services, was supported exclusively by human agents. This limited the amount of time customer chats could be resolved, and led to elevated wait times to answer simple customer inquiries. Depending on the day, with staff turnover, and other external pressures, customers may have waited as much as a half hour to be served. Aspire sought out virtual agents to increase efficiencies and expand the volume of customer interactions they could handle while reducing the involvement of human agents in simpler chat interactions.

Once they decided the route they wanted to go with the chat channel, they looked into vendors. Based on integrations, support, response to questions, and the overall experience they selected boost.ai. The boost.ai conversational AI platform was an excellent solution for Aspire because it enabled 24/7 customer support, and its no-code conversation builder allowed the team to easily create and deploy service flows for customers, brokers, and lienholders. Though needs vary across these three groups, it was essential the team be able to offload a portion of the chat volume for each grouping. Additionally, with boost.ai’s training editor the Aspire team is able to conduct real-time reviews of the virtual agent’s performance, and optimize its responses across different stakeholder interactions to best serve their unique needs.

“Our lienholders have benefitted tremendously, as the virtual agent quickly and easily responds to their most common inquiries - VIN lookup and policy status confirmations. This engagement has opened up a way to consistently build goodwill with customers now that they receive these instant responses in real-time.”

- Mark Bellegia, Project Manager/Quality Assurance, Aspire

Growth at scale

Today, with the boost.ai solution in place Aspire has the support necessary to handle the over 4,000 chats they receive a month. This furnishes the presence of a much larger organization, without the team having to expend the same kind of resources a bigger competitor does. Stakeholders are met with an immediate option for service. Over the last 8 months, Aspire has seen around a 93% increase in total call volume, with their virtual agent experiencing around a 71% increase in chat volume in that same amount of time.

“We are so pleased with the results of our engagement with boost.ai. We always seek new ways to serve our customers, and the ability to scale up our virtual agent to better meet their needs has been integral to its success.”

- Chandah Burton, Chief Underwriting Officer, Aspire

Without the help of a virtual agent this level of traffic would have taken human representatives much longer to resolve. The nature of Aspire’s virtual agent allows them to field inquiries across California and Michigan, as the chatbot determines the best paths for incoming customers based on their location and account status. If Aspire ever sees additional elevated need in any of these areas, or needs to expand the locations their virtual agent serves, they’ll be able to quickly adapt existing data to ensure their VA grows in step with the organization.

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