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  • Roskilde kommune consistently resolves 92% of citizen queries with conversational AI

Roskilde kommune consistently resolves 92% of citizen queries with conversational AI

Last updated 29 February 2024

Roskilde Kommune is a municipality in the Sjælland region of Denmark, 30km west of Copenhagen. It is home to over 80,000 inhabitants and one of eight municipalities in the country that currently deploy the boost.ai Kommune-Kari multi-city conversational AI platform.

In Denmark, the platform has been rebranded as Kommune-Kiri to suit local proclivities and is developed in collaboration with Deloitte who are responsible for the operation, maintenance and further development of the system.

Kommune-Kiri acts as a central knowledge hub that Roskilde and the other municipalities can connect to in order to answer any questions that their citizens may have via a chat interface on their websites. This inter-municipal cooperation is the driving force behind Kommune-Kiri and is bolstered by boost.ai’s market-leading Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that allows for one single virtual agent platform for all municipalities as well as a dedicated municipal module with more than 1,600 ready-to-go topics and answers.

The no-code nature of the boost.ai platform makes it easy for Roskilde employees to update and maintain their respective virtual agent, guaranteeing quality content and answers specific to their citizens, without any need for technical training.

Kommune-Kiri provides the following advantages to the Roskilde municipality citizen service team:

  • 24/7 availability of automated customer service
  • Improved end-user experience through chat-led interactions
  • Consistent quality to all answers
  • Unlimited support capacity
  • Reduction in need for employee training

The virtual agent continuously learns and improves its answers based on data-driven insights from conversations. This means that the platform can be updated in real-time ensuring that it is always current and that the most common questions can be easily automated, with only complex queries being forwarded to human agents.

“We experience that Kommune-Kiri is effective when answering questions to the degree that citizens now also expect the virtual agent to be able to execute on tasks as a hub for self service in the municipality. Now, we’re not only using the platform as a citizen service FAQ, but work on integrating to various IT-systems in order to customize answers and services for the specific citizen.”

- Rune Stæhr, Head of Robotics and Automation, Roskilde Kommune

To date, the Kommune-Kiri platform has helped more than 130,000 citizens across eight municipalities in Denmark with a consistent resolution rate of over 92%.

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