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Boost member satisfaction with conversational ai

Tuesday, 08 March 2022 at 7:37AM ET

Benjamin Maxim
Last updated 10 April 2024

In today’s digital and often remote-first world, the way credit union members prefer and expect to engage with their banking experience is changing. And, it is the institutions embracing this change and shifting their member experience to meet these expectations that are seeing results. One of the biggest trending shifts in the member experience is the use of conversational AI – or customer service chatbots, powered by AI.

In this webinar, VP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, Ben Maxim, will share his first-hand experience in how the largest university-based credit union in the world leveraged this technology to implement two virtual agents that work together to support both internal and external service needs for members.

Along with boost.ai’s VP of North America, Bill Schwaab, they’ll discuss the impact on members and credit unions themselves.

You’ll walk away having learned:

  • How conversational AI can boost member satisfaction
  • How conversational AI cuts costs and helps to drive operational efficiency
  • How to get started and what to consider
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